If Creation Still Obeys You…


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called Build My Life, in that post I talked about an idea I felt God placed in my lap. I said,

“It’s something that is scary, exciting, and I have no clue where it will lead me, which of course causes me to wonder if it is something I am willing into existence and it’s not God’s idea at all. This past week God has taught me to trust in Him and to truly put my focus on Him, and if this is His idea, He will see it through to completion. If it’s not, He has something even better for me.”

At the time, God was teaching me to trust in Him and put my focus on Him, which is something I continue to work on. This week, God is teaching me how to obey. In the past week or so I have started to realize that I may have misinterpreted the idea God dropped in my lap. I think I took the idea He gave me and made it what I wanted it to be instead of trusting God and letting Him show me what it needed to be.

Last week at the Gathering (4.11.18), Noah talked about how we pray for things and sometimes God answers by rerouting us. He goes on to say that it is a matter of the mind and how it is important, in the process of rerouting, to take our thoughts captive. So that is what I did this week!

A step of obedience I felt I needed to take was to take a break from social media. By doing this I took away a distraction, captivated my thoughts, and ended up re-centering my focus on God. Something I’ve been struggling with is, “okay so, you’re rerouting me, but why, to what, and how?” and now that my focus is being re-centered on Him, He is showing me how this idea continually led me back to Him. If that is all this idea was for, I am grateful it led me closer to Him. If it amounts to more, that’s for God to work out in His timing as I continue to obey His Word and place my hope and focus in Him.

Just A Thought from The King’s Daughter

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