This school year so far has be crazy! It has been so totally different from last year, mainly in good ways! God has closed some doors, but opened many for this semester. He has brought me opportunities that I would not have thought existed and has brought new friendships into my life that are so valuable.

Despite all this I still sit here saying “Okay God, but when are you going to put into action the specific dreams you’ve given me? You spoke to me through others this summer about very specific things, but when am I going to see them happen?”
Basically I’ve been very impatient.

I know I need to wait patiently and trust in His timing and for the most part I am content in waiting, but sometimes it’s hard when I feel nothing is happening, at least nothing that I can see. Then God just sneaked something into the smallest thing to show me His faithfulness.

This morning I was watching a sermon from National Community Church that Pastor Joel Schmigall was preaching. The title is Gifted to Serve and is part of NCC’s series Time Talent Treasure. In the beginning of his message he talks about gifts of the Spirit and how they have kaleidoscopic meanings. He didn’t go into all of the gifts due to time, but he did decide to talk about one as an example, the gift of prophecy.

Now, before I finish that story I need to back track a little bit. This summer during youth camp a pastor was telling me some things God had told him to tell me. As he was talking he said that I had the gift of prophecy, my immediate reaction in my head being “wow that’s big and scary”, of course right after I thought that, he said, “and God says not to be afraid of that”.

So, this morning Pastor Joel just happens to bring up prophecy and here is what he says about it. He said, “We think of prophecy as foretelling the future, but in actuality the original Greek meaning is… it’s setting forth the truth. …if you just like to share the revelations you get from God or reading the scriptures, that’s prophetic. If you like to speak the truth of the scriptures to others, that’s prophetic. If you like to share things about somebody else that they don’t know, it’s truth, that’s prophetic.”

For anyone who knows my heart in ministry you know that sharing God’s truth with others is a main part of that, specifically sharing God’s truth with teenage girls. I love to share what God has laid on my heart, or what He shown me in a situation in my life, or  something He revealed to me from His word. Because I am very observant and sensitive to things in others’ lives, especially if it is something I’ve been through, I tend to notice that and, if I felt led to, I share that with them.

So, long story short, God showed me His faithfulness this morning from a simple part of a message, that wasn’t even the main point of the sermon. God reminded me that He is orchestrating my steps to His will and that if I am patient and trust in His word, then He will bring things to pass.

Just wanted to encourage you today because God encouraged me!

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
His mercies never cease.
Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.”
Lamentations 3:22-23

Just A Thought From The King’s Daughter

You can watch Pastor Joel’s sermon Gifted to Serve here:

One thought on “Faithfulness

  1. Don Ellis

    Excellent post, even though I am a little slow getting to my e-mails, it was very timely. Your posts are a confirmation concernng your having a gift of prophecy. You don’t need to know where these words end up or how someone is affected by it. God takes care of that, you just need to following the Lord’s leading concerning what to write. Remember, God tells us that His word never comes back empty. You are on my prayer list and will continue to pray that God uses you in a special way, as He has already started doing.

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