Maggie’s Birthday!


20170222_023536162_ios14 years ago today (Feb. 21st) my lil sis Maggie was born
and in May of 2013 she passed away.

Over the past (almost) four years I have met many people, a lot of whom did not get the pleasure of knowing Maggie. With today being her birthday I wanted to talk a little bit about her! Although she only lived ten years, she accomplished more in those ten years than some people do in 50! At the age of six she was filled with the Holy Spirit and prayed for other who were then filled. She would write her own worship songs that were strait from her heart. She was so full of compassion, grace, and mercy. She led worship on many occasions and love to sing any time she could!

Maggie had a super spunky personality and hair just as wild as her. What ever she did, she did with all her heart. Even at ten and younger her voice was amazing! She loved music and sang to the top of her lungs to her favorite artists. She could light a room up with just her smile. Now she wasn’t perfect, she had her faults, but some of the best memories I had were hugging her and crying with her after an argument. There were many nights where we sat up just talking for hours and hours.

One of her favorite songs was You Are by Colton Dixon, so for her birthday I recorded a cover of that song with our cousin Caroline!

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